Protests Are Being Held To End Anti-Asian Hate In America


Image by Megan Warner/gettyimages

Saturday, March 20th, people across the U.S. participated in rallies and protests to stop anti-Asian hatred and violence following a recent shooting in Atlanta that claimed the lives of 8 people, 6 of those killed were Asian women. 

People of all ages gathered in protest across the U.S. from Atlanta all the way to San Francisco.

¨How many more of our people’s blood, black eyes, swollen faces, and broken bones must happen before we will be visible? Before we will feel safe? Before we will be equal?¨ 13 year old Ashlyn So told the Los Angeles Times. 

Protestors carried signs saying things such as, ¨Asian lives matter¨, ¨We are humans¨, ¨Stop Asian hate¨, and ¨Enough is enough.¨

Image by Megan Warner/gettyimages

Vigils were also held to honor the lives of those killed in the Atlanta shooting. 

¨We want to remember the importance of uniting– for love, understanding, and compassion of our community,¨ Betty Hang, an organizer of one of the vigils, wrote on Facebook. 

¨We held eight candles in memory of the massacre in Atlanta and brought a sign with their names,¨ Ari Kagan, another vigil organizer, told the Brooklyn Reporter. 

Image by Stephen Zenner/SOPA images/gettyimages


Speakers went out to the protests and rallies, people spoke out and shared their personal experiences with racism, as well as speaking about the need for unity and community based foot patrols. 

Many people have taken to social media to show their support to the Asian American community as well as helping to spread awareness and ways in which everyone can help to combat Anti-Asian hate.

To help you can donate, volunteer with community groups, join in Bystander Intervention training, as well as finding places and organizations that you can contact to report hate incidents, such as The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA).