Actor Matthew McConaughey is Considering a Run for Texas Governor

Actor Matthew McConaughey is Considering a Run for Texas Governor

Hollywood actor, memoir author, and native Texan, Matthew McConaughey, recently announced that he will potentially be running for Governor of the Lone Star State. 

As a native Texan, McConaughey briefly attended the University of Texas at Austin, intending to graduate with a law degree, but rather cut his education short, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film production. Already having starred in many commercials, McConaughey’s film production degree helped pave the way for him in the acting field, eventually leading to his performance in — what is considered his breakout role– the 1993 film Dazed and Confused

McConaughey, most famous for his acting roles in films like Interstellar, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dallas Buyers Club, and Failure to Launch, has little to no experience in the political field. 

The 51 year old actor spoke briefly about his announcement and beliefs to news outlet, USA Today. 

“I am considering, as I said I’d be a fool not to, to consider the honor to go into the position of politics, as the governor of Texas,” McConaughey stated. 

He has yet to announce candidacy or even the year he is considering, but as far as Texans know, McConaughey could be next up on the ballot. 

McConaughey, however, has not even announced his political affiliation, or what party he would consider running as. 

“I haven’t gotten that far yet,” stated McConaughey. 

The actor did describe himself as “aggressively centric” and referring to himself as “a middle man.” He has also been known to criticize the left side of the political spectrum, as well as extremes of both sides. Yet, there is no confirmation as to what political party he identifies with or supports.   

While he is interested in a run for office, Texans can expect to wait a bit before seeing McConaughey’s name on the ballot for governor. 

“Look, politics seems to be a broken business to me right now. And when politics redefines its purpose, I could be a hell of a lot more interested” stated McConaughey. 

“I would say, as far as running, I’m not until I am. So my decision hasn’t changed because I’m still not,” McConaughey also stated. 

McConaughey, a self proclaimed “middle man” has been at the front and center of disaster relief efforts throughout the state of Texas. He’s started several fundraisers, and has been seen as a philanthropist to many Texans following the brutal winter storm in February of 2021. 

While McConaughey has no intention of running for office right now, Texans can expect to see him on the ballot in the coming years, and with a charismatic Hollywood personality like his, it would be no surprise if he won either. 


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