March Madness 2021: Mascot vs Mascot

2021 Mascot Bracket

This year, already, every single 2021 submitted March Madness bracket has been busted. The Maryland Terrapins (10) knocked out the last perfect brackets with a 63-54 win against UConn (7). No one could predict the major upset of the 15 seed Oral Roberts, beating the 2 seed Ohio State. This has only happened 9 other times in 82 years. But what if, ignoring everything but the first round placements, we put the mascots head to head. Personally, I did not submit a bracket because I only watch bad teams (Go Vols), and since there is no way to have a perfect bracket, we should just start going on mascots. I believe Drexel University could take every other team because their mascot is a Dragon. I thought Alabama would be able to fight against Drexel but there is no competition between an Elephant and Dragon. If you have any disputes about my placements, leave a comment, and if you want to fill out your own mascot bracket tweet and ask @TheAnchorFHS!!