Prom Standards


Everyone knows the standards for prom, but why?

Why do we have to wear uncomfortable heels or buy a $400 dress or tux for one night of our life?

Why do we have to ask someone to this dance?

The answer is you don’t have to stick with the crowd, you can do and wear anything you want. Most schools don’t have a set prom dress code. Usually, prom is outside of school anyway. We get our makeup professionally done for the ladies, get acrylic nails, buy a $200-400 dress, matching heels $100 or so, and get our hair done. And that’s a lot of money for us women. For men they have to rent or buy a tux matching their dates dress so buying it is about 400 or so dollars plus the dress and shoes and another $100 with their hair done.

This one night is extremely expensive for both men and women since you wouldn’t be wearing it again. So why can’t we just for one night party how we want to, not spend hundreds of dollars on things that we’re gonna use once and just go how we are dress how we want to and not have the stress of asking someone or buying things and just party like it’s the last day on earth? I think prom should be everyone’s night to be themselves and do or wear what we want to show our personalities and have some good wholesome fun. Prom is your one special night so why are you going to stress out and spend so much money to have fun on your night. Everyone just follows the crowd and does what everyone else does but are you willing to stress about money and who’s gonna ask you to it.

Then come prom king and queen, which goes to the most popular couple, which stresses more people out because everyone wants to be the prom king and queen. So if you want to stand out and not follow the crowd and just have some good old fashioned fun just where what you want to your prom and have fun no matter who is watching or judging