Farragut High School’s Hope Squad

Farragut High Schools Hope Squad

Starting in 2021 Farragut High School will be starting the Hope Squad. The Hope Squad will be a group of students that help the counselors with struggling students. This “squad” or club is very beneficial for Farragut High School, especially since depression amongst teenagers is very common in this era. Studies from The Newport Academy show that 12.8% of teenagers from ages 12-17 suffer from depression.

“In 2016, approximately 60 percent of teens who suffered a major depressive episode did not receive treatment of any kind,” said Newport Academy.

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This is the reason students, counselors, and even teachers have come together to create the Hope Squad. Now what exactly is the Hope Squad? 

“Hope Squad is meant to be a group of students who are trained and equipped to look for people who are struggling, or maybe people who are suicidal and are meant to inspire hope into everyone, so it’s a really unique program and once again they’ll be trained by Mrs. Tenry and other counselors to be equipped to look for those who are looking for a little bit of hope,” said Mrs. Sarah, intern of counselor Mrs. Tenry at Farragut High School.                                                                                                                         

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The goal of this Hope Squad is to have extra hands to reach out to those in need, and possibly inspire the ones who are not in need to help. They want to bring these depression numbers down among teenagers and make not only Farragut High School a happier place, but the world in general.