What It Takes To Run Track


Track athletes running the 100 meter dash. Image from Canadian Running Magazine

Track and field has been around for the past 11 centuries, and is considered to be one of the oldest sports of all time. It first started in 776 BC, and was in the Greece Olympic games. It was designed for men only. According to History Of Women In Sports it was not till 1922 that women were allowed to take part in track. Nowadays anyone who wants is allowed to join the track. 

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This is what a typical track will look like. Image from Coach Up Nation.

The sport track and field is not just intended for professional athletes and the Olympics, but anyone of any age can often join a school team, club team, travel team, or run just for fun. Many people enjoy running track because you get to be part of a team, and get to also bring out the competitive side of yourself and compete at meets.

¨I like to run because it keeps me in shape, the friends I have made, and the thrill of competing,¨ said by Cameron Murphy, the boys track captain at Farragut High School. 

During track there are two different seasons. There is an indoor track, and outdoor track. Indoor track takes place early December through late February. Outdoor track takes place early March through late May. Indoor track is more competitive and often done more with college and high schools, while outdoor track is done by all ages. 

Athletes competing in a distance event. Image is from Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.

During a track meet there are many different events, and not all of them are running events. The track events are split into the following 4 categories: sprinting, mid distance, distance, and field events. The sprinting events are intended for people that are very quick and explosive, the mid distance is intended for people that are also quick and explosive but also have good endurance, distance events are designed for runners that have good discipline, and a lot of endurance, and finally field events are designed for athletes that are strong, precise, and dedicated.

¨When it comes to choosing an event, you don’t choose the event, the event chooses you,¨ said by Chris Allison, the head track coach at Farragut High School. 

This means that an athlete that wants to run the 100 meter dash, but they don’t have a fast enough time, but then they go out and run a 6 minute mile, then that will be the event they will be doing. An athlete might want to be in one event, but ultimately they will be put in the one that they succeed the best in. 

Track in unlike other sports. Yes you are on a team, but you are not just competing to earn points for your team, but you are competing to beat your own personal times and goals. You are training to better yourself and better your team. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run track. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.