Fall 2021 Staff

Liv Davenport

Liv is a junior who reports on the admiral outlet.

Ty Roderigues

Ty is a freshman whose dad still has to drive him to school. Ty reports on sports with Case Pappas.

Case Pappas

Case is a sophomore who plays soccer and enjoys the outdoors with his boy Max. Case is a camera man for Farragut Friday's.

Max Radtke

Max enjoys long walks on the beach. He is kind of quirky and not like others girls. He likes Ghostmayne and is a Virgo. He enjoys wearing skirts and crop tops. His favorite Rom-Com is the Wedding Singer starring Adam Sandler. His favorite Chris is either Pratt, Evans, or Hemsworth. His favorite movie quote is "I don't like sand" from Star Wars Episode...

Benet Dozier

Benet is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California. Benet mostly grew up with divorced parents. He loves the colors pink and blue. He reports on clubs and events here at Farragut.

Allie “AT” Teegarden

AT is a freshman. She likes drawing, photography, tiktok, and sometimes anime. Her favorite food is chicken wings which is a very important detail. She gos to Farragut High School and likes cosmetics and hanging with her friends. Her pronouns are she/her because she says, "I’ll never be her."

Jesse Griffitts

Jesse is a senior. He supposes gaming is pretty cool and takes a liking to anime. He would like everyone to know he is a boy. He does teacher spotlights for the anchor.

Trent Qualls

Trent Qualls is a senior who likes gaming and Air Jordan 1s. He spends $50 on gas a week, but he makes the bread so its ok. He also likes anime.

Trinity Byars

Trinity is a freshman who was born and raised in Tennessee with a sphinx cat named Hope. She enjoys listening to Mozart while reading and watching Stars Wars movies. She reports on college visits here at Farragut High School.

Matthew Gowdy

Mr. Gowdy is a senior who is told he is a baddie but considers himself quite pleasant. He does the teacher spotlights.

Nawal Malik

Nawal is a junior who moved here from Michigan. Her favorite color is pink. She reports on college visits.

Riley Jackson

Riley is a freshman who plays baseball and the violin. He reports on anything interesting that he believes people would care about.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is a freshman whose favorite color is purple. She writes about clubs here at Farragut.

Kaitlyn Miller

Kaitlyn is a freshman who has been at Farragut since 1st grade. She reports on the clubs at Farragut.

Jordan Dewitte

Jordan is a freshman who enjoys steaks and hates vegans because they are weak. He loves anime and video games. He also hates dolphins and loves unicorns. He reports on academics for the Anchor.

Connor Branson

Connor is a sophomore who loves basketball and being with friends. He reports on classes, what they entail, and student opinions about them.

Shelby Smith

Shelby is a freshman who enjoys the pasta and plays tennis. She reports on sports for the Anchor.

Ivy Zhang

Ivy Zhang is a junior. She loves journalism and hopes to be a journalist in the future. She reports on the clubs here at Farragut. She has two dogs and two bunnies.

Sebastian Ortego

Sebastian Ortego is a sophomore at Farragut. He reports on community events and issues in the Knoxville area.

Lexi Foley

Lexi Foley is a senior journalist. She loves sports and reports on athletics here at Farragut.

Arjon Bakshi

Arjon is a senior at Farragut High School. He reports on teachers, students, and other aspects of Farragut High School culture. He loves to listen to everyday people discuss their everyday life and thoughts.

Emma Amerson

Emma Amerson

Emma is a junior. She runs cross country. She covers the staff spotlights.

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